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Similarities Between Alcoholics & Workaholics
August 23, 2013

Alcoholism has often been described as an obsession of the mind coupled with an affliction of the body. Take away alcohol…

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When is an Intervention for Drug Addiction Necessary?
August 22, 2013

When a person is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, the best-case scenario is that they recognize the problem and seek…

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Smoking Alcohol: A Dangerous New Trend
August 7, 2013

That title is not a typo: people really are smoking alcohol. Alcohol abuse has entered into a new, bizarre realm.

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Evening Intensive Outpatient Program Now Available
August 7, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Cornerstone Recovery Center is now offering an evening intensive outpatient program (IOP) as part of…

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Triple C: Over-The-Counter Cold Medicine Addiction
August 2, 2013

Drug addiction can rear its ugly head on the shelves at the corner pharmacy. That’s the threat of CCC, and the…

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How to Talk to Your Kids about Drugs and Alcohol
July 18, 2013

Most parents dread the day when they know they must sit down with their kids and have chats about uncomfortable adult…

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Christine Perez-Gray: Drug Abuse Case Manager
July 12, 2013

Christine Perez-Gray has been the Case Manager at Cornerstone Recovery Center, a drug treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since it…

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The Dangers of GHB Use
June 5, 2013

What is GHB? Also known as gamma hydroxybutyric acid, GHB is a central nervous system depressant that is commonly referred to…

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Parenting Tips During Prom Night
May 30, 2013

Parents face immense challenges raising teenagers today, perhaps more so than at any other time in the modern era. Between the…

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Cornerstone Employee Spotlight: Jenna Brody
May 16, 2013

Jenna Brody has been a drug addiction therapist at Cornerstone Recovery Center, a drug treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since…

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