Why is celebrity drug addiction such a hot topic for the media? Perhaps it’s because they love to see powerful icons crashing and burning when their lives take a turn for the worse. Still, not all celebs end up as permanent fixtures in the gossip columns – it is possible to come back from and.. read more →

Last month, we were proud to host the first monthly Family Night at our Ft. Lauderdale drug rehab facility. Family Night provides a chance for friends and family members to participate in the recovery process of their loved ones as well as learn about the addiction treatment center and meet some of the staff. Barbara.. read more →

There’s a certain accepted truth regarding those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction: they have to hit rock bottom before they can begin to get better. The theory is this: in order to acquire the mental state necessary to make real change in their lives, addicts have to be given the gift of desperation, and.. read more →

Painkiller addiction in athletes is becoming more and more prevalent as athletes ignore the effects of painkillers in the pursuit of pain management.

Considering the importance placed on sports by our nation’s culture, it should come as no surprise that, more and more, athletes are at risk of painkiller addiction. In fact, it has been purported that “NFL players misuse opioid pain medications at a rate more than four times that of the general population,” and this is.. read more →

The latest victims of painkiller addiction are suffering from the side effects of painkillers before their eyes are ever able to focus on the world around them. A recent study found that in 2009 “about 13,000 babies were diagnosed as having painkiller withdrawal symptoms,” a condition that is often referred to as “neonatal abstinence syndrome.”.. read more →

Research shows that isolation and loneliness have a distinct effect on drug addiction and alcoholism, the results of which may shed an important light on the importance of companionship in navigating through one’s life. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, sought to determine how social exclusion might affect the.. read more →

A recent study has shown that cocaine addiction in rats may not be hereditary, contradicting what we know about drug and alcohol addiction in human families.

We all know that addiction is a disease requiring honest and constructive addiction rehab, and we are also privy to the tragic reality that addiction and alcoholism are heritable. Simply put, when considering drug and alcohol addiction, “Like father, like son” is a little too real. Attributable to both genetic predispositions and environmental influences (both.. read more →

A recent study found that the economic conditions persisting during a child’s birth may increase the likelihood of his falling victim to drug and alcohol abuse.

When it comes to addiction treatment, one of the ideas most impressed upon individuals working toward recovery is that of fellowship, of embracing the reality that no one is an island unto himself and that we all have roles to play in one another’s lives. We feed off of the strengths of our neighbors and.. read more →

An addiction brain surgery performed in China is stirring up controversy worldwide as the rehab it achieves also destroys brain functions and basic emotions.

A recent article in TIME posed the following seemingly obvious question: “How far should doctors go in attempting to cure addiction?” Considering what we all know about drug and alcohol addiction and its effects on individual and family, the immediate and visceral response is likely, “Everything.” But can addiction treatment go too far? In 2004,.. read more →

Despite the numbers indicating that rehab is the better alternative, incarceration is still primarily employed in dealing with drug addiction.

President Richard M. Nixon’s designation of our nation’s “war on drugs” in the 1970s was a defining moment in the treatment of substance abuse and drug addiction, one that carried with it the unforeseen realities of stigmatization and marginalization. Because of this delineation, drug users and addicts are scrutinized under a lens of non-acceptance, under.. read more →