When you begin treatment for drug and alcohol recovery, you’re likely to feel alone—or at the very least, lonely. While it might be tempting to start a new romantic relationship, experts advise just the opposite: stay on your own until you’ve got some sober time under your belt in a drug recovery program. Why Stay.. read more →

While there is more than one path toward addiction recovery, we can all use support as we strive for long-term sobriety. One place many people have found additional support is in the sober blogosphere. Writing blogs is a way for some people to express their struggles with alcohol and drug addiction (as well as mental.. read more →

Going to rehab can be hard. Paying for rehab can be even harder. It doesn’t have to be that way. When the time comes to make the call and enter a drug and alcohol treatment center, there are many payment options available, some of which are not obvious. Understanding the Financial Challenges of Entering Rehab.. read more →

Addiction recovery is no simple thing. It’s not a matter of working your way through a plan and then coming out the other side sober, fit and whole. Recovery takes effort, and a lot of it. But with Cornerstone Recovery Center, you’re not alone. Teamwork is what gives you an edge. Maybe you’ve tried other.. read more →

“Rarely do we see a person with just addiction,” says Barbara Hernandez, licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and program director of co-occurring services at Cornerstone Recovery Center. She is referring to the mental health issues that often accompany a person with addiction – and many times can be the catalyst for their abuse. Cornerstone offers.. read more →

Family support is critical for anyone entering a drug rehab center. But your idea of support and the kind of support your loved one needs might be miles apart. That’s ok; everyone learns throughout recovery. When a person is dealing with an addiction, something in his regular life is not as it should be, probably.. read more →

Holistic refers to the whole self: Mind, body and spirit. Few things could be more critical to recovery than nurturing each of these, and at Cornerstone Recovery Center, you have that choice. The holistic approach to anything in life means acknowledging the connection between every aspect of the self and how they relate to and.. read more →

Many people who are struggling with addiction are attracted to drug rehab centers in Florida because of the availability of many different recovery programs all over the state; the year-round warm temperatures and beautiful beaches are also very appealing. However, some of these very large facilities that attract clients from up north do not provide.. read more →

If you are trying to decide if a Christian recovery program is right for you, consider Cornerstone Recovery Center’s very special Christian Recovery Program. Our Christian Recovery Program combines bible teachings with the 12-steps of recovery; then we take it a step further and customize the treatment program based on your needs and your specific.. read more →

Hydrocodone is the generic name for a strong prescription pain medication that is prescribed for patients in severe pain due to injury, surgery, or disease. It is an opioid that is derived from codeine. Even though this medicine is prescribed by your doctor, there is still a danger of becoming addicted to it because it.. read more →