When the news of athletes battling a drug addiction features prominent on the evening news, most people shake their heads and wonder, how can that happen? In a world where athletes are looked up to as heroes and role models, particularly those who gain fame and notoriety either by their athletic prowess, their looks, or.. read more →

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive and dangerous stimulant. Even short term or occasional use can lead to lifelong health implications and side effects. Hollywood has glorified the drug in movies; however there is nothing glamorous about being addicted to cocaine. Physical and health side effects of cocaine use can include: loss of sense of smell.. read more →

On the heels of the anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death, let’s consider some facts about cocaine addiction and the dangerous effects of cocaine use.

Only a year ago, cocaine addiction stole from the music industry one of its most talented and revered daughters: Whitney Houston. Houston succumbed to her addiction on February 11, 2013 after an autopsy revealed cocaine in her system. Houston’s cocaine use, which plagued her for a number of years prior to her death, is presumed.. read more →

What is crack cocaine? The answer is complex, but it does arrive at one simple truth: the effects of crack are devastating and often require crack rehab.

Whether through television, movies, or music, we’ve all heard of it, but exactly what is crack cocaine, and what are the effects of crack on both individual and society? To determine its makeup, its symptoms, and its effects, we first have to look at a bit of drug history. Cocaine, long used both medically and.. read more →