Adam offered it to Eve. Your best friends will offer it to you. Whether it’s one bite or one sip, life after rehab is full of temptation. Let’s face it, in the real world, a lot of socialization revolves around social drinking – dinner with friends, dates, holiday parties, family celebrations and business functions. If.. read more →

Alcohol addiction is a form of dependency that can hide from loved ones and even from yourself. Unlike other addictive substances that people fall victim to, alcohol is legal. It can be purchased and consumed without initially raising any flags of concern. However, alcohol is an addictive substance and it does not take long to.. read more →

Whether you are a New York Giants fan, New Jersey Jets fan or cheer on the Florida Dolphins, tailgating goes on in just about every stadium parking lot in America. A good portion of football fans out there are recovering alcoholics who still want to tailgate pregame, but it seems like everywhere we look, people.. read more →

Alcoholism has often been described as an obsession of the mind coupled with an affliction of the body. Take away alcohol from alcoholics, and their bodies will begin to recover quickly in most cases, but the obsession of the mind can persist for a lifetime. It’s this obsession of the mind that can manifest itself.. read more →

That title is not a typo: people really are smoking alcohol. Alcohol abuse has entered into a new, bizarre realm. read more →