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Even talented athletes can fall victim to addiction.
Athletes and Addiction: When The Drive to Compete Goes Too Far
July 6, 2016

When the news of athletes battling a drug addiction features prominent on the evening news, most people shake their heads and…

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The new w18 drug can be fatal.
W18: The Newest Lethal Drug
June 27, 2016

W-18 is a powerful synthetic drug that has just started to hit the streets in the United States and Canada. This…

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Fentanyl abuse is responsible for an alarming number of deaths.
Prince, Fentanyl, and What We Know Today
June 24, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson – known to millions simply as the musician Prince – died recently from an accidental fentanyl overdose at…

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Paying for rehab can be difficult, but there are options.
Paying For Rehab: An Introductory Guide
June 16, 2016

Going to rehab can be hard. Paying for rehab can be even harder. It doesn’t have to be that way. When…

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The music industry has grappled with drug addiction for a long time
The Sad Song of Music and Drug Addiction
June 14, 2016

No other industry has seen a greater percentage of its best and brightest stars fall from grace at the hands of…

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Addiction and crime can change your whole lifestyle
Drug Addiction, Related Crimes, and Legal Consequences
June 8, 2016

Drug addiction isn’t always an isolated problem. It might begin that way, but for some people, drug-related crimes can weave their…

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Improved legislation is giving more people access to drug addiction treatment centers
Fighting Drugs Is Not New, but the Strategies Have Changed
June 6, 2016

The war on drugs is a lot more than a phrase that you hear on the news. It’s a battle that’s…

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The opiate/benzo cocktail can be a deadly combination
The Deadly Risks of The Opiate/Benzo Cocktail
June 3, 2016

Opiates are a known problem. The heroin epidemic is evidence enough of that, with how it has swept through urban areas,…

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Addiction treatment now addresses addiction as mental illness
Addiction and Mental Illness: The New Face of Addiction Treatment
May 11, 2016

Here are a few lines from one of the most popular and influential books of all time on drug and alcohol…

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South Florida Leads The Way in Sensible Drug Policies
May 9, 2016

Anyone who was at least of high school age during the 1980’s will probably remember the “War on Drugs.” This ‘war’…

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