Earlier this year, we told you about the new law that was passed called the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. This law evened the playing field guaranteeing that both addiction recovery treatment and mental health treatment will be covered under insurance in the same way that medical conditions are treated. We finally can say that insurance will cover treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. It is time that even more legislature is passed to help ensure that patients have coverage for the treatment plans recommended by doctors and medical professionals rather than only what is covered according to insurance company standards.

Many insurance companies have different interpretations of the need for treatment than the doctors and treatment professionals on the front lines of addiction treatment. That is why we support bills like Cusick’s law in Staten Island, New York, which tackles this specific topic and is aiming to bridge the gap between what treatment a health care professional recommends and what insurance will cover. Cusick’s law is paving the way for new laws that will help insurance companies and treatment centers work together to determine what type of treatment clients need instead of just what the insurance companies will allow.

Cornerstone Recover Center Works with Insurance Companies to Get Your Treatment Covered

We at Cornerstone know that it is very important to work with health insurance companies to get you the addiction treatment insurance coverage you need for your individual situation. We have professionals on staff that are specially trained and have a great deal of experience working with insurance companies. They advocate for all of our clients and work with the insurance companies to get clients the level of care they need. We’ll ensure that you know what to expect and can receive your treatment free from worrying about payment. We will work with you to make treatment affordable and attainable.

Get Affordable Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Cornerstone Recovery Center is here for you and we will work with your insurance company to ensure that they understand the treatment our professionals recommend for you is the best course of action. Our experienced insurance liaisons will help you get coverage for the course of treatment you need. Regardless of insurance challenges, we make your recovery treatment affordable. If you would like to learn more about our Ft. Lauderdale facilities, call Cornerstone Recovery Center at 888-711-0354 or contact us online. We are standing by to help.