“We wanted to pinpoint what we’ve done right for many years and improve on those things.” 

John Reeck, Cornerstone’s Executive Director

The fact that Cornerstone Recovery Center just launched its new brand may be enough news for most drug and alcohol treatment centers in South Florida. We’re certainly proud of our new look and brand (which you can read about here). But we’re especially proud of what it means for our clients – a fresh, positive approach based on new executive management team’s belief in our founder’s mission.

“Maureen’s Mission” Lives On

“We share the passion for helping people get their lives back and the ability to do it.”

Cornerstone’s founder, Maureen Donadio was on a mission. She witnessed firsthand how many treatment centers in South Florida were failing those who entrusted them with their lives. They were taking clients in, treating them, pushing them off into a corner and then releasing almost without regard for outcomes. It was somber and depressing. Not here. No way.

While the brand is new, “Maureen’s Mission,” based on the following principles, remains the true “cornerstone” of our drug and alcohol treatment programs:

  • No client goes overlooked.
  • Every client feels respected, safe, and understood.
  • Provide the best clinical care possible, ensuring clients have the best chance at success in treatment and recovery.
  • No client leaves before they are ready.

New Leadership. New Culture.

“Along with strong and ethical outreach, we have solidified the “Cornerstone” on which we will continue to build upon.”

 John Reeck

Under our new executive leadership, Cornerstone is changing its overall mindset and approach to the way we care for clients and their families. To deliver on Maureen’s Mission, we provide the most personalized and attentive treatment for clients and their families battling substance abuse disorders and co-occurring disorders.

Cornerstone’s staff-to-client ratio is among the highest in Florida. This kind of care creates a small town, community feel, where every staff member is available to every client, every day. In other words, we’re all working from the same treatment playbook.

Maybe the best expression of this new attitude and approach comes from the top. As John Reeck believes, “We wanted to have a clear explanation of what keeping client care first means to us. At the same time, we wanted to redefine how we did that. By strengthening our internal infrastructure, continuing to invest in our amazing, current staff and bringing in renewed energy through talented new therapists, clinical and medical staff.”

Proof Positive: Choice & Flexibility Work Better for Everyone

Cornerstone is adding to and enhancing its treatment programs and facilities to provide more options, more support and more warmth. We’re especially excited about the following positive steps:

  • Specialized treatment paths for those diagnosed with both a mental health disorder and addiction.
  • Flexible day and night Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meetings to fit client schedules.
  • Separate trauma/PTSD and addiction treatment models.
  • Variety of faith-based and secular group recovery programs including 12-Steps, SMART Recovery®, Celebrate Recovery and Refuge Recovery.
  • Separate men’s and women’s residences (within walking distance to the beach!).
  • Full Continuum of Care from PHP and IOP to Aftercare and Alumni services.
  • Enhanced Family Support Services.

New Team. New Optimism.

The staff at Cornerstone takes the fight with addiction and mental health personally. Team members have battled and won that fight in their own lives. That’s why every client feels respected, safe and understood.

Our staff includes Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Behavioral Health Technicians, Psychiatrist and Medical Doctor who share a passion for helping people get their lives back.

Fresh, New Look. Renewed Dedication.

Cornerstone is not only enhancing its services and cultural identity, but also its visual identity.

The goal of the new visual identity system is to reinvigorate Cornerstone’s promise of a passionate and professional approach to recovery. You can feel it in the new logo, color scheme, typography and images which are consistent across the website, brochures, promotional items and other media. Here’s what it means to us. We hope it means the same to you.

The new logo design is a symbolic representation of the center’s culture. The pure white heart in the middle of the new logo illustrates the idea of passion for helping others “for the love of life.” The heart is nestled in an isometric shape representing three-dimensional structure of a growing building. Similar to an actual cornerstone orienting the axis of a new construction, the heart sets the direction of personal self-discovery and growth. And, of course, the color blue is universally associated with optimism, trust, cleanliness, peace and imagination.

So Much To Do. Where Do You Start?

This is just an introduction to the new Cornerstone Recovery Center. Seeing – and learning – is believing! We invite you to join our family. Explore our new, user-friendly website, arrange a visit to our Fort Lauderdale treatment center or talk to us at 888.711.0354.

Oh yes, while Cornerstone is located near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we are expanding our promise of passion and professionalism to the Northeast and Midwest with Community Relations Specialists based in Boston and Chicago.