We are happy to announce that we’ve added a Christian recovery program to our addiction recovery services, led by Reverend Charlotte Day. As the Christian Program Director, Rev. Charlotte is developing a faith-based curriculum that combines the 12 steps of recovery with Biblical scripture.

The Christian Program will focus on prayer, learning coping skills from a Biblical perspective, resolving barriers to a relationship with God and relapse prevention. Charlotte, an ordained minister, will facilitate the groups and lead Bible studies, organize community activities and offer spiritual direction. She is about to start seminary for a Masters in Christian Counseling, and she practices cognitive behavioral therapy with her clients, teaching them how to replace negative thoughts with the word of God.

Celebrate Recovery® a Big Part of Christian Recovery Program

Celebrate Recovery®, a Christ-centered recovery program, will be a key component of the group. Group activities will include Christian events and concerts in Ft. Lauderdale to promote community relationships, attending church and morning motivation meetings, as well as Bible study. In addition, Rev. Charlotte will perform Baptisms on the beach for those who make that decision. Participants in the program will get help with developing:

  • Self-esteem based on Christian principles
  • Balance in their lives, including faith and recovery
  • Healing and forgiveness
  • A recovering identity in Christ

“I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to work with Cornerstone, and I feel the Lord has called me to begin something special there,” says Charlotte. “He has called me to help implement the Christian vision and carry it to its fruition.”

Addiction Recovery Treatment in Ft. Lauderdale

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