OTC Medications

Over-the-Counter Medication Addiction

Over-the-counter-medications might be legal to buy when they are used for their intended purpose; however, young adults have been known to abuse them. Over-the-counter drug abuse is defined as using medications other than in the way they are described or using them to get high. Cold and cough medications are the most common OTC meds that are being abused. Over the counter diet pills are also known to be a problem for young adults that are taking them incorrectly. We have outlined the signs to look for if you are afraid that someone you love is abusing OTC medications. Cornerstone Recovery Center provides a safe and comfortable setting for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Please call 1-888-711-0354 or contact us online to speak with an admissions counselor. All communications with our staff are confidential.

Signs of Over-the-Counter Medication Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, almost 3% of kids age 12 – 17 admit to abusing a prescription drug in the past month and 12% of teens admit to taking over the counter cold and cough medications in an attempt to get high. If this is the case, then by the time someone is a young adult, they might have developed a dependency on these medications. If you are wondering if a young adult you love is abusing over-the-counter medications, ask yourself these questions to look for answers:

  1. Have they started hanging out with new friends?
  2. Have you noticed a drastic change in mood or behavior?
  3. Has their appearance changed; specifically a decline in hygiene or upkeep?
  4. Has there been a decline in grades or work ethic including problems on the job?
  5. Do you recognize a change in eating habits or change in weight?
  6. A loss of interest in hobbies and activities that they used to enjoy?
  7. Do you notice a change in sleep patterns? Sleeping too much or not sleeping at all both are signs to look out for.
  8. Do they complain of sickness and buy cold or cough medicines more often than normal?
  9. Have you recognized an increase in secretiveness or hidden trash?
  10. Does the computer history shows visits to pro-drug web sites?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you are in the right place. At Cornerstone, we understand that over-the-counter drug addiction can sound scary, but help is here. We have a family-centered approach to treatment and we customize a treatment program for each individual.

The Effects of Over-the-Counter Medication Abuse

Drug abuse affects the whole family and that is especially the case with underage abuse of over the counter medications. Drug abuse can affect health, family, and school in a negative way. Even short-term use can have lasting effects on health. Some of the medical issues or symptoms resulting from over-the-counter drug abuse include liver damage, heart attack, stroke, and even death. When someone is addicted to an over-the-counter medication, his or her behavior and secrecy can ruin relationships and split families apart. Drug abuse can cause too many missed days or poor performance at school or work. If you see that all aspects of your life, or the life of a loved one, are being compromised by drug abuse, help is available. At Cornerstone Recovery Center, we understand that addiction is a family disease and we focus our individualized and customized programs on treating all aspects of drug addiction.

When is it time to Seek Treatment for Over-the-Counter Medication Addiction?

If the signs of over-the-counter drug abuse sound familiar, we are here to provide help and support throughout the recovery process. If you have questions about talking to someone you love about their use of over the counter medications, contact an addiction recovery center like Cornerstone. We maintain an approach to treatment and recovery that is different for each person and geared toward their needs, personality, and situation.
Treatment at Cornerstone usually begins with an inpatient stay at our newly renovated South Florida residential treatment facility on the Intracoastal Waterway just steps away from the beach. Clients who arrive from northern areas like Middletown, Schenctady, Troy, and Queens will love the welcoming environment, warm weather, and tropical breezes. We provide transportation to and from the treatment facility and round-the-clock care. Our staff including our medical director, nurses, behavioral coaches, and therapists all work together to keep you moving towards your goals and be successful in recovery. You will be able to help customize your treatment plan by choosing from our different addiction treatment programs including the traditional 12 step program or holistic treatment options.

Make the Call. . . Get Help for Over-the-Counter Medication Addiction

Over-the-counter medications can get out of control fast and disrupt the lives of the individual taking them, family, friends, jobs, and school. Are you afraid that OTC meds are ruining the life of your loved one? There is hope! Cornerstone Recovery Center’s approach to recovery takes every aspect of your life into consideration and formulates a unique, customized program for each individual. The time to get help is now. All phone calls and emails with our staff are confidential. Please contact us online or call 1-888-711-0354 to speak with an admissions counselor today.