We treat both the addiction and mental health disorder.

Recent studies have shown that about half of all people with schizophrenia have problems with drugs and alcohol. Those living with schizophrenia tend to use alcohol, marijuana and nicotine since they are affordable and easily accessible. Prescription drugs and sleep medication may also be misused.

Many people with schizophrenia and substance use disorders fall through the cracks of our health care system. Mental health service providers deny treatment to a person with an active drug or alcohol addiction because they will likely not stick to a treatment plan. In turn, addiction professionals often won’t help an addict with schizophrenia until the mental health disorder is treated.

We deal with co-existing mental illness and addiction every day – even with complicated issues such as schizophrenia. Our Co-occurring program focuses on treating both the mental health disorder and the drug addiction at the same time. Psychological treatment focuses on helping a person understand their disorder and help stabilize a person’s mind to give them the space they need to become more capable of handling their problems. Our behavior-adjustment therapies help change negative thinking and behavior patterns caused by the mental health disorder.

We believe in an individualized approach provided by trained professionals who care. Whereas some rehabs have the idea of breaking clients down and building them back up again, we build on the strengths that the client already has and work to make them stronger and more resilient. We don’t believe in guilt trips; we believe in the healing power of recovery and the client’s capacity to change.

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