Co-Occurring Program

Specialized Treatments for Drug Addiction & Mental Health Disorders

Our Co-occurring program is designed for client’s who have both a substance use disorder and a mental health diagnosis. While most people coming off drugs or alcohol may suffer from anxiety or depression, clients in our specialized Co-occurring program may have more severe mental health problems that may even begin prior to the start of their addiction. For clients with co-occurring substance and mental health disorders, Medication Management is a significant factor in attaining and maintaining recovery.

We are one of the only drug rehab centers in South Florida with full-time licensed professionals formally trained to effectively treat individuals suffering from both a co-occurring disorder and substance use disorder.

We believe in an individualized approach provided by trained professionals who care. Our approach to clients in our Co-occurring program is “strengths based.” Whereas some rehabs have the idea of breaking clients down and building them back up again, we “meet them where they’re at.” We build on the strengths that the client already has and work to make them stronger and more resilient. We provide non-judgmental therapy. We don’t believe in guilt trips; we believe in the healing power of recovery and the client’s capacity to change.


It is a common fact that addiction and depression go hand in hand. Millions of adults have a “co-occurring disorder,” which means they have both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. We treat both depression and drug addiction at the same time.


Exposure to traumatic experiences, especially those occurring in childhood, has been linked to substance use disorders. Addressing the trauma and the addiction at the same time is an integral part of the healing and recovery process.


Bipolar disorder creates erratic behavioral patterns. When combined with a substance use problem, this disorder can become harder to manage. By treating both conditions simultaneously, there’s a greater chance of recovery.


Anxiety disorder can make a susceptible person turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with feelings of dread or worry. Treatment comes from grasping the full scope of anxiety and what it means when it comes to substance abuse.


Schizoaffective disorder often goes hand in hand with substance abuse, which is used to cope with the fear brought on by delusions, depression or mania. We we treat both the addiction and the underlying co-occurring disorder.


Half of schizophrenics have a drug addiction. People with schizophrenia use drugs and alcohol to “self-medicate.” Our Co-occurring program treats both disorders for the best possible chance at recovery.

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