Alcohol Addiction & Treatment

Alcoholism is a family disease that affects family members and loved ones, not just the person who is having a problem with an alcohol addiction. We customize our treatment plans with a holistic approach that treats the person as well as all aspects of their lives, including family relationships. If you are wondering if alcohol has become a problem for you or someone you love, read on to learn about the signs of alcoholism, the effects of alcohol addiction, and alcohol abuse treatment options to help you or your loved one stop drinking. If you or a loved one needs help for alcohol or drug addiction, please contact our admissions counselor today by contacting us online or calling 1-888-711-0354. All communications with our staff are confidential.

Signs of Alcoholism

It is important to use clues to help determine if you or a loved one is exhibiting the signs of alcohol addiction. If you are wondering how to stop drinking, that may be a sign in itself. Here are 10 questions to help you determine if drinking alcohol has become a problem for you or a loved one.

  1. Hiding Your Drinking: Do you keep alcoholic drinks hidden away or in places they do not belong, such as a desk at work?
  2. Desire to Drink Alone: Instead of a casual social drink, would you rather drink alone?
  3. Inability to Limit the Quantity of Alcoholic Beverages Consumed: Do you plan on just having one drink and end up drinking more?
  4. Physical Withdrawal Symptoms When You Don’t Drink: Do you experience physical symptoms if you have not had a drink lately?
  5. Need a Drink to Feel “Normal” or Better: Do you feel the need to have a drink just to get through an event? Does taking a drink make you feel better or “normal”?
  6. Memory Loss and Blackouts: Have you ever blacked out after drinking? Do you have the inability to remember events that occurred while drinking?
  7. Loss of Interest in Hobbies: Have you lost interest in your hobbies and no longer take pleasure in doing things you used to love?
  8. Legal Problems Relating to Drinking too Much: Do you have legal problems (such as a DUI) that you can directly attribute to your drinking?
  9. Feeling Guilty about Drinking and Its Consequences: Are you feeling guilty about the consequences and occurrences in your life that are a result of your drinking?
  10. Increasing Concern from Loved Ones: Have your family members and loved ones expressed concern over your drinking?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions or are familiar with these signs of alcohol addiction, you are in the right place. Seeking help for alcohol addiction and recognizing that a problem is present are the first steps in helping yourself or the loved one you care about.

The Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism can negatively affect behavior, relationships, and health. People dealing with alcoholism can have some very serious health problems that are a direct result of drinking too much alcohol. Health related effects from alcohol addiction include cirrhosis of the liver, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, anemia, depression, seizures, pancreatitis, and other stomach discomfort. These are all very serious health risks and complications that occur as a result of drinking too much alcohol. Even if a person has been abusing alcohol for a short time, it can cause irreparable damage to your body’s organs. Besides affecting the body, alcoholism can affect the mind; depression and other psychological issues can occur due to excessive drinking. Then there is the effect that alcohol addiction has on friends, family, and even your work. Alcohol addiction interferes with all aspects of life. Alcoholism is a family disease because it does not just affect the person who has a drinking problem, but also affects those around that person. Cornerstone Recovery Center offers alcohol addiction treatment for all aspects of the condition.

When is it Time to Seek Help for Alcoholics?

If one or more of the symptoms or effects of alcoholism sound familiar and have happened on a regular basis, it is time to look into addiction recovery services. If you have tried to stop drinking or reduce the amount you consume and have not been able to, you should contact an addiction recovery center like Cornerstone Recovery Center to seek help. Alcohol addiction is a family disease that affects not only the person that is having a problem, but their loved ones as well. Cornerstone’s family-centered and holistic approach to recovery has been very successful for our clients.
Cornerstone Recovery Center provides a state of the art, comfortable and beautifully designed residence housing facility. Treatment usually begins with an inpatient stay here as part of our step-down approach to recovery. Our residential addiction recovery facilities are close to the beach and overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, perfect for clients coming to Florida from other states like New Jersey, or cities like Chicago, Newark, Buffalo, or Elizabeth. Transportation is provided to our recovery center and back to the residences. Cornerstone focuses on providing a welcoming, supportive, and healing environment for our clients and their loved ones. All of our plans are customized with individualized services based on your needs and include your choice of recovery programs. Our entire staff including our medical director, nurses, behavioral coaches, and therapists all work together with one goal in mind, and that is your recovery.

Make the Call. . . Get Help for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can have negative effects on a person’s physical as well as mental health, and the effects can wreak havoc on your relationships, job and home life. Do you feel that alcohol is controlling your life or ruining the life of your loved ones? There is hope! Cornerstone Recovery Center takes an individualized and holistic approach to your recovery. Please call 1-888-711-0354 or contact us online to speak with an admissions counselor. All communications with our staff are confidential.