At some point in time, smartphone and iPad users realize that there truly is a mobile app for just about everything, including addiction recovery.

Today’s teenagers don’t know a world without apps, so a mobile app that illuminates the horrors of underage drinking can’t be a bad thing. But they are not just for the younger generation. Anyone who has suffered from drug or alcohol addiction will find a few apps that they can carry with them, which will help them no matter where they are.

So the question is sorting out the good from the bad. Here are a few that may be more useful than others.

The Drinking Mirror

This fun iPhone and Android app should definitely appeal to a younger crowd who may not always hear the message of how teenage drinking can lead to long term problems. Why not show them instead? The drinking mirror does just that, though it should be noted that this is a less-than scientific approach and is as much for entertainment as anything else.

The user just uploads a picture of himself or herself and puts in how many drinks a day they consume (honesty is important here.) The app will then estimate how that person will look after about a decade of alcohol consumption at that rate. The rate can be adjusted to see how fluctuating levels of consumption will make a person look over time and show the effects of alcohol on the body. An appeal to people’s vanity is a smart move.

Check out The Drinking Mirror’s website here.


What if a person has just left a recovery center and needs to know if their body is experiencing some of the telltale signs that a relapse might be just around the corner? The brainy folks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have an app for that.  MIT researchers have created a device – which must be worn on the user’s arm in concert with the app – that monitors important bodily indicators, such as body motion, skin temperature and heart rate.

Because stress has often been associated with triggering a recovering addict’s urge to use, the information provided by iHeal can warn the wearer that they are entering their “danger zone” and make the appropriate adjustments to their situation. Read more about it here.

Twelve Steps – The Companion

There are many 12-step based apps out there. Any search in iTunes or the Google Play store will reveal a plethora of choices, so which one is the best? It’s hard to say, but “Twelve Steps – The Companion” hits the sweet spot of being both very comprehensive and fun to use. It was also one of the first recovery apps available and has been updated several times.

The first thing the user will notice is the home screen, where the recovering addict’s sobriety stats are displayed in years, months, days and hours. In the “one day at a time” world of 12-step recovery, it can be a fun and uplifting moment to know that day 1,000 has arrived, for instance.

Additionally, the entire “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous is included in the app, which can be very handy indeed to traveling alcoholics in recovery who can’t carry a book everywhere they go. Many other accompanying staples of AA are included, such as the meeting preamble, the 12 steps and 12 traditions, and the AA promises. It is highly rated on both the Apple platform as well as Android.

Afternoon Affirmations

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and then; for those in addiction recovery, it needs to be in the form of something healthy and positive. That’s where Afternoon Affirmations comes in.

Each day at 1pm, the app sends a series of inspirational quotes, photos and even a video to the user’s smartphone or tablet. While certainly not meant to be the sole tool for those in addiction recovery, it can provide the perfect complement to an otherwise complete program. As of right now, this app is available only on the iOS platform.

Whether you are in recovery or thinking about getting treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, these apps can support you and help keep you on the right path. As those who have been in recovery for years can tell you, every little bit helps. If you or someone you love is in need of alcohol or drug rehab, please click to contact the professionals at Cornerstone Recovery Center or call 1-888-711-0354 and take the first step towards the rest of your life.