Life, whether afflicted by drug and alcohol addiction or not, is often marred by anger, often relegated to the insidious nature of that most primitive of emotions so often leading individuals astray. Anger is a part of the human experience: a reminder of our baser natures and of the thin line we tread dividing the positive and the negative, sanity and insanity, community and social confinement.

We are all victims of the anger we carry.

Whether justified or not, anger is a blight on even the most fortuitous of individuals, the most fortified of minds. It can very quickly do away with the meaning we’ve ascribed to the world around us, to the people in our lives, to the ideals in our hearts.

To the addict, to the sober, to the rich and poor, there is a truth that needs to shine bright so as to wash clean the umbra of anger: just let go.

Let Go of Anger, Let Go of Dependence

It probably seems too easy, too simple, too naïve. “Just let go.” But it really is that simple, and it is of the utmost importance to the chemically dependent.

Drug and alcohol addiction is often a crutch: a means through which an individual is able to block out some of the harsher realities of living, be it poverty, loss, jealousy, or the spiritual malaise that often seems so eager to rob our actions of meaning and our thoughts of depth. And this crutch, this escape, is no more than an illusion, than a cruel joke that isn’t at all funny.

The illusion? That drugs and alcohol are able to solve your problems. The cruel joke? That your problems will still be there once you come down.

Let go of your anger. Let go of your dependence. Let go of the Freudian id controlling your actions and leading you toward anger. Let go of the belief that you can fully control the situations in which you find yourself and the manner in which others act toward you. Only then can you heal. Only then will addiction treatment work. Only then can the journey toward a life free of addiction and its destructive nature begin.