Testimonials for Our Drug Addiction Treatment

We have helped many drug addicted individuals, each with specific needs, unique concerns and special hopes for their futures. There is no better reward for our staff than when we receive a letter, a phone call or a visit from one of our alumni who has taken the treatment techniques we taught them and applied them successfully and permanently to change their lives. Here are some willing to share their experience at Cornerstone Recovery Center.

Cheryl was very professional and provided me with excellent service and many opportunities to recover at a superb pace. Bob treated me as if I were someone whom he truly cared about as a fellow member of GLBT community. Geo made groups fun and exciting as well as provided me with information which I could take notes on and carry far into my halfway and aftercare recovery. Even though Barbara and Dawn and Sid did not give me one on one therapeutic sessions they were always available and ready to assist in any issues or questions I had regarding my recovery process. Fran, Elliot, Will and Ryan were great assets to my recovery by making the administrative process very easy working in the background. Overall I feel that Cornerstone was a godsend and both me and my parents were very impressed with the result of clearing my head and introducing me to a way of life that I could easily attain without alcohol or drugs.


Thank you to everyone at Cornerstone Recovery Center who has given my son, Kevin, a new beginning. His life had spiraled out of control once again due to addiction. Your kindness and generosity have let him have another chance at life. The gift of life, spirituality, and God in his life, has given him hope. Without hope, he had no chance. All I can say is thank you to our Lord, and all the people within your family at Cornerstone.

Kevin A.

Older, professional and scared to death, I entered treatment the first time of my life at Cornerstone Recovery Center. I was treated with respect and dignity and helped beyond words to help me regroup and get my life back. I am so grateful for their help and guidance. I would recommend this center for any age person seeking to get a good foundation for their recovery journey.

Denise D. – Coral Springs, FL

I truly want you all to know, from the bottom of my heart, what you all have done for not giving up on my son. Not only has he turned his journey into something positive, it has also given my life such a change. The girls I work with now say I smile so much more and that I glow when I talk about Patrick. This again makes me want to say thank you.

Laurie P.

I have learned a new way to live & think, thanks to your program. I’ve learned that I am more than drugs & my attitude & behavior will continue to change in a positive direction due to the revelations I received in treatment.

Dwayne J Chicago, IL

When I came to Cornerstone, I felt defeated and hopeless. During my stay I learned what it truly felt like to recover from drugs and alcohol.
The staff that work at Cornerstone truly care about each client and have helped me in many ways. I’m not the person I was when I started this program. Cornerstone restored my hope and saved my life!

Lauren C., New Brighton, MN

Cornerstone Recovery Center is not like every other treatment center. They care! I was a homeless hopeless drug addict. Cornerstone took me in and loved me and showed me how to live. I have 4 months of happiness because of them and many more to come. Thank you for a new life. And this freedom I’ve never felt before. =)

Matt M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cornerstone is THE BEST. The staff here is awesome. There’s not too many clients, which means you get a lot more attention and help (unlike a lot of other treatment centers I’ve been to, where they’re just in it for the money).

Benjamin L., Anoka, MN

I can go on elaborating on the remarkable work you guys have provided me with, but it would literally fill my notebook to the max. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kyle S., NY, NY

Lisa & Fran made the admissions process quick and simple. Small group of clients so you get a lot of “1-on-1 time” with your counselor. There’s so much sobriety in the staff at Cornerstone, you’ll always have someone to take an issue to. If you have any requests for anything, they are always met (getting a haircut, doctor’s appointments, etc)

Robert D., South Plainfield, NJ

I loved my stay at PHP. I was super comfortable and LOVE the staff that works here! I felt very safe while here.

Tim H., Baltimore, MD

The staff at Cornerstone helped me to really understand my disease. They provided me with real tools to better myself.

Chris H., Mount Vernon, OH

I got the most out of the ‘one-on-ones’ with my therapist. The treatment plan set up for me was very individualized to meet my needs.

Chelsea O., West Springfield, MA