About Our Addiction Recovery Center

Cornerstone Recovery Center was established in 2012, but its foundation as a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center was laid over twenty years earlier on the sands of Serenity Beach. There’s no monument erected to the memory of Serenity Beach, no placards or signs indicating where, along South Florida’s east coast, Serenity Beach is, and our footsteps have long since been washed away by the waxing and waning of the tides, but Serenity Beach still exists in our hearts and in our minds, in the experiences we shared and the recovery we pursued.

Serenity Beach was our haven: a solitary spot brought to life by the then dozens of us who elected to replace our addictions with fellowship, to seek comfort in drug treatment that for so long eluded us. Serenity Beach was an affirmation that, though we were afflicted by addiction, we could find strength in each other, peace in ourselves, love in our community, and meaning in the world around us.