Welcome to Cornerstone Recovery Center: the newest addition to South Florida’s community of compassion and recovery. We are a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center committed to individuals struggling for freedom from substance abuse. With a firm belief in the power of fellowship and treatment, Cornerstone Recovery was created to repair lives, to mend families, to rebuild – brick by brick – what drug and alcohol addiction worked so hard to destroy. In laying a sturdy foundation upon which the pillars of mental, spiritual, and physical health can be raised, we hope to help clients achieve a life free from addiction.

Honesty is the Cornerstone of Recovery

Cornerstone Recovery and the foundation of the treatment we espouse are rooted in the conviction that recovery will only be as effective as the honesty with which it is approached. We believe in honest recovery because we are proof of its merit, and we will work to infuse every aspect of a client’s treatment with the very truths that allowed for our lives to begin anew. We are dedicated to the honest recovery of clients and loved ones, of anyone who has witnessed firsthand the damage that addiction sows and the destruction it reaps.

Honesty is the cornerstone of recovery. It is the driving force behind your addiction treatment, behind your recovery, and behind the life you’ve yet to live. It is the driving force behind Cornerstone Recovery Center, and we are dedicated to its place in the treatment of our clients and its importance throughout the continuum of care we hope to engender.