Relapse Prevention Planning

Because recovery is a lifelong endeavor, it is necessary for individuals to take part in relapse prevention planning to resist the pitfalls that may present throughout rehab and long after its completion. In keeping with our substance abuse treatment philosophy and our belief in long-term comprehensive care, Cornerstone Recovery approaches treatment by incorporating relapse prevention planning throughout our continuum of care. We utilize the GORSKI-CENAPS Model for relapse prevention, which is recognized as one of the top three “best known and most respected treatment approaches in the United States” by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Relapse Prevention Planning for Long-Lasting Addiction Recovery

Relapse prevention planning seeks to address the scope of difficulties that an individual may face throughout his or her recovery. Confusion, irritability, difficulties with family during addiction treatment, troubles with the justice system, anger, loss, and any other of a number of very real, very distressing issues can work to derail any progress made in addiction treatment. Recovery at Cornerstone, from admission all the way through our aftercare treatment program, will be sure to incorporate your past, present, and future needs in tailoring your individualized treatment plan. Our goal is to ensure that the proper relapse prevention skills are discussed, taught, and implemented, to ensure that honest recovery fills the void left by addiction. For further information, please contact our drug treatment center in South Florida.