Many people have either lost friends or family members to drug overdose, or know someone who has lost loved ones. Today’s street drugs are being laced with ever more powerful synthetic drugs, which combination can be fatal. Even the opioid overdose antidote Narcan (naloxone) is ineffective or less effective on these synthetic killers. With the.. read more →

Lately, evidence-based therapy is trending. And, while we’ve all probably heard of evidence-based therapy for co-occurring treatment of addiction and mental health disorders, what exactly is it? What is Evidence-Based Therapy? Evidence-based therapy, or evidence-based practices (EBP), are treatments that have been either academically or scientifically studied, and which studies have both shown efficacy in.. read more →

When you begin treatment for drug and alcohol recovery, you’re likely to feel alone—or at the very least, lonely. While it might be tempting to start a new romantic relationship, experts advise just the opposite: stay on your own until you’ve got some sober time under your belt in a drug recovery program. Why Stay.. read more →

While there is more than one path toward addiction recovery, we can all use support as we strive for long-term sobriety. One place many people have found additional support is in the sober blogosphere. Writing blogs is a way for some people to express their struggles with alcohol and drug addiction (as well as mental.. read more →

When you choose a treatment center, it’s just that – a choice. There are so few chances to make such a pivotal decision in life, and making the right one at this stage can mean the difference between succeeding or not. And while accreditation isn’t what makes a treatment center great, it is a measure.. read more →

Sometimes we choose our destiny and sometimes our destiny chooses us. Maybe destiny plays a little bit of both roles in Maureen Donadio’s life. As the Founder of Cornerstone Recovery Center, Maureen’s life revolves around saving other people – but at one point in her life, it was Maureen who needed saving. Growing up in.. read more →

Alumni Coordinator

If anyone knows how important having support is during and after addiction treatment, it is William Hall. As the Alumni Coordinator at Cornerstone, Will works with clients on a daily basis during and even after treatment at the drug rehab center is completed. As a former client, and the first and only alumni working at.. read more →

If you are trying to decide if a Christian recovery program is right for you, consider Cornerstone Recovery Center’s very special Christian Recovery Program. Our Christian Recovery Program combines bible teachings with the 12-steps of recovery; then we take it a step further and customize the treatment program based on your needs and your specific.. read more →

Family Night is now in its 6th month here at Cornerstone. That is a half-year of helping, sharing, and healing. We are very proud of the success we have seen come out of these events in the form of happy faces and sighs of relief by previous attendees. Knowing that you are not alone is.. read more →

We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Stephen Sawyer and his wife, Cynthia, on January 6th. Both the staff and clients were very excited to have them at Cornerstone Recovery Center. I had the privilege of meeting Stephen at a National Christian Counseling Conference in Nashville, TN, and I was moved by his artwork, particularly.. read more →