Mental Health Series: Schizophrenia and Addiction In the 2001 biographical movie, “A Beautiful Mind,” we watch Nobel Prize-winning economist John Nash develop paranoid schizophrenia, which leads him to have delusions that eventually cost him his career, friends, and family. Fortunately for Nash, he recovered later in life — he didn’t also have a drug addiction,.. read more →

Synthetic drug abuse in on the rise, and the effects of a drug called “flakka” have already taken a heavy toll on several communities in South Florida, one being Broward County. According to a recent WSJ article, there have been 29 reported deaths from flakka drug abuse in the past year in Broward, and the.. read more →

According to recent nationwide data from SAMHSA, about 5% of pregnant women used illicit drugs, while 9% drank alcohol and 15% smoked cigarettes. Unfortunately, pregnant women often experience more judgment than others suffering from addiction. How could you be so irresponsible?, their friends and family say. How could you be so selfish? The fact is,.. read more →

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that creates an irregular behavioral pattern involving severe mood shifts. Many people who have bipolar disorder also struggle with a substance abuse problem. People with bipolar disorder often use drugs in an effort to self-medicate to relieve the difficult symptoms of bipolar disorder, developing a dangerous cycle of drug.. read more →

This September will mark the 26th anniversary of National Recovery Month. Cornerstone Recovery Center is excited to join with Broward County in celebrating the accomplishments of those who are in recovery from addiction. The purpose of National Recovery Month is to exhibit togetherness and unity within the recovery community. Attendees include treatment providers as well.. read more →