Ask anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol what their biggest fear is, and they’ll probably say going through withdrawal. No matter what drug you’re using, you’ll probably go through symptoms of drug withdrawal when you stop. Withdrawal symptoms of drugs are your body’s reaction to what it perceives as a lack—and which addicts try to.. read more →

It is a common fact that addiction and depression go hand in hand. SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) statistics say that about 8.9 million adults have what’s called a “co-occurring disorder,” which means they have both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, a co-occurring disorder is one.. read more →

Mental Health Series: Schizophrenia and Addiction In the 2001 biographical movie, “A Beautiful Mind,” we watch Nobel Prize-winning economist John Nash develop paranoid schizophrenia, which leads him to have delusions that eventually cost him his career, friends, and family. Fortunately for Nash, he recovered later in life — he didn’t also have a drug addiction,.. read more →

Synthetic drug abuse in on the rise, and the effects of a drug called “flakka” have already taken a heavy toll on several communities in South Florida, one being Broward County. According to a recent WSJ article, there have been 29 reported deaths from flakka drug abuse in the past year in Broward, and the.. read more →