This September will mark the 26th anniversary of National Recovery Month. Cornerstone Recovery Center is excited to join with Broward County in celebrating the accomplishments of those who are in recovery from addiction. The purpose of National Recovery Month is to exhibit togetherness and unity within the recovery community. Attendees include treatment providers as well.. read more →

Considering all of the clever names associated with synthetic drugs, it might be difficult to imagine the real damage that they can do. Some of them are more commonly known. Ecstasy, for example, has been around for quite some time. LSD, for even longer. But new ones emerge all the time. Some of the more recent.. read more →

Bipolar disorder, once known as “manic depression,” creates an erratic behavioral pattern. Mood shifts can be fast and furious, from the extremes of happiness to the depths of anger or despair. While everyone experiences a wide range of emotions, including some of the extremes, it’s the prevalence and lack of control that characterizes bipolar disorder... read more →

While states battle over whether or not to legalize the use of marijuana, some facts are becoming a lot clearer. Some people hold to the belief that it grows in nature, or at least it used to before industry took over, so it must be safe. If that were true, no drug treatment center would.. read more →

Thirty years ago, ADHD was not the mainstream issue that it is today. Kids might have been hyperactive, and they might not have paid attention in class. As they grew older, behavioral and addiction problems often emerged, which carried over into adulthood. Without a diagnosis, all of the behaviors might merely have been labeled as.. read more →

An unfortunate, common misconception about prescription medications is that they’re safer than illicit drugs. And taken under the close supervision of a prescribing physician, that can be true. But it’s not only possible to become addicted to certain prescription drugs, it’s common. It can also be a life-threatening situation. Many prescription drugs are no less.. read more →