Fentanyl is an opiate-based, synthetic narcotic that is far more potent than both morphine and even the strongest street heroin. Therefore, it is unsurprising that fentanyl abuse and fentanyl overdoses are serious health problems in the United States. Fentanyl addiction often occurs indirectly. People who are suffering from narcotic abuse are acquiring and using street.. read more →

When it comes to flakka addiction–or drug addiction of any kind–the news often isn’t very good. Yet there are many success stories, usually involving people who complete drug rehab programs. Newly released flakka abuse statistics tell a different kind of success story. The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that flakka-related cases are significantly down all over Broward.. read more →

Flakka addiction is on the rise, particularly in South Florida, and Broward County leads the nation in the number of reported criminal cases involving flakka abuse. Flakka is so prevalent in South Florida that there have been several “flakka action team” local events. Our staff has attended many of these events to help raise awareness about.. read more →

Over the past several decades, scientists have been trying to figure out how drug addiction begins and what the effects of drugs are on different people—all with the goal of improving addiction treatment. While many people try drugs and alcohol, not everyone will become addicted. In fact, many factors can contribute to someone’s risk of.. read more →

While almost half of people addicted to drugs or alcohol are also diagnosed with a mental health disorder, only a small fragment will suffer from something as troublesome as schizoaffective disorder and addiction. Schizoaffective disorder can be defined by symptoms of schizophrenia—including hallucinations or delusions—and symptoms of a mood disorder, typically either depression or bipolar disorder... read more →