Most of us either know someone who is battling with a mental health and/or addiction problem—or, at some point in our lives, had to deal with one ourselves. Often, though, we are apt to keep it a secret: the stigma of mental health and addiction disorders is still strong and can affect a person’s life.. read more →

Did you know? Our Family Night events feature separate groups for addiction and co-occurring disorders, such as a severe mental health condition and addiction. Please contact us for more information about getting involved. All Family Night events are free and open to the public. read more →

Opiate addiction can happen in the blink of an eye. A waiter burns his hand on boiling water while on the job. His employer sends him to the emergency room, just to be on the safe side. His hand is treated topically, and he is given a prescription for Vicodin. In this case, the waiter.. read more →

Rehab is so much more than just a brief respite from a drug-addicted, alcohol fueled lifestyle, which is why a great deal of the rehabilitation work that we do focuses on the long-term mental health of the client. This is especially true in our Co-occurring Services Program, which helps clients suffering from a dual diagnosis.. read more →

About seventy-five years ago, two late-stage alcoholics in Akron, Ohio banded together to form Alcoholics Anonymous. The limited goal of these men at the time was simply to save their own lives. They were unaware that they were starting one of the most important social movements in recorded history. One thing that they were keenly.. read more →