Everyone who has faced addiction has wondered how to quit drugs—and has most likely tried to quit ‘cold turkey,’ as they say. Quitting cold turkey means quitting abruptly, without a gradual reduction in how much or how often you use drugs or alcohol. While most people who quit drugs or alcohol don’t receive any treatment,.. read more →

Getting sober is difficult, but dealing with symptoms of post-acute withdrawal—irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, to name a few—can be the most challenging. A key to relapse prevention is learning how to deal with stressful emotional triggers, and exercise is often recommended in recovery programs. Exercise can be beneficial in getting your heart pumping and.. read more →

Did you know? Our Family Night events feature separate groups for addiction and co-occurring disorders, such as a severe mental health condition and addiction. Please contact us for more information about getting involved. All Family Night events are free and open to the public. read more →

It’s no secret that many people with substance use issues are confused as to how to label their problematic behavior: is it abuse or dependence? And, what’s the difference anyway? Mental healthcare professionals struggle with these terms themselves—and when it comes to getting insurance to pay for any type of treatment for substance use disorders,.. read more →

Mental health disorders can come in a variety of forms, as can substance use disorders. When they occur together in the same person, medical professionals use the term “co-occurring”, “co-morbid”, or “dual diagnosis”. Many people have co-occurring disorders—in fact, some statistics say that as many as 1 in 5 American adults dealt with a mental.. read more →

Most of us either know someone who is battling with a mental health and/or addiction problem—or, at some point in our lives, had to deal with one ourselves. Often, though, we are apt to keep it a secret: the stigma of mental health and addiction disorders is still strong and can affect a person’s life.. read more →