Jennifer Garrison, FL/CBA, LPN

  • Nurse

Having been touched personally by substance abuse and its effects on the individual and the family, Jennifer suffered the loss of a sibling to the disease and witnessed the turmoil, havoc and chaos that it caused her brother and those who loved him and were there for him. Jennifer’s deep passion to help others overcome their addictions and recover to a positive lifestyle has always been the focus and forefront of her choice in careers and her daily interactions. Jennifer’s passion has taken her down a couple of different career venues.

After graduation, Jennifer was truly interested in the mental health field and worked at a large state mental health facility. She then gravitated towards the special needs population and began working with both children and adults with physical and mental developmental disabilities, both as a group home manager and a Florida Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

After 20 years of working in the field, Jennifer felt pulled in another direction. After her brother’s death, she went back to school to become a nurse. Her experience as a behavior analyst combined with her knowledge of nursing encouraged her to marry the two disciplines and therefore help a much broader range of people. “Changing behaviors and healing the mind and body will allow the journey of recovery to begin” sums up Jennifer’s philosophy.