Cheryl Nunn

  • Case Manager

Cheryl Nunn is a case manager at Cornerstone with four years of experience of assisting clients with addiction recovery. She is a student at the Academy for Addiction Professionals. Her job as a case manager gives her the honor of helping clients acclimate themselves back into society after their time at Cornerstone Recovery Center is complete. Cheryl helps clients keep their focus on recovery by working with them on other issues including legal problems, medical appointments, obtaining food stamps or disability assistance, and other aspects of getting integrated into life after recovery.

Cheryl is passionate about helping clients feel welcome. “I believe where there is life, there is hope. Never give up!” When asked what sets Cornerstone apart from other facilities, she explained that all of the staff at Cornerstone truly cares about the clients’ well-being. “My co-workers are all genuine and make coming to work every day a joy.”